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Welcome, in an attempt to get to know my customers and to allow my customers to know me I'm going to start my first blog with a little about me and why I've recently started this journey as Sarah's Custom Classic Decor. My name is Sarah Aguilar and I'm the owner of Sarah's Custom Classic Decor. I'm married to a wonderful, godly man who is beyond supportive of my goals and ambitions. He's there when I need him, and supports all my last minute change of plans (big and little). We are a Christian homeschooling family, with 4 amazing children, 3 girls and 1 boy ranging from 14 years to 3 months old. Our lives have not always been easy but we serve a God who is bigger than all our problems and is sovereign over all. We enjoy fishing, camping, racing, crafting, gardening, and family time, family time, family time. There's nothing more important to us than family!!! Which is why I started Sarah's Custom Classic Decor. Prior to opening Sarah's Custom Classic Decor I worked full time as a business / operator as housecleaner and attended college part time working toward a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Mind you my husband does have a job, I just wanted to help our family (financially) while making a difference. I joyfully went to work everyday yet I secretly longed to be home with the kids. However I got up everyday and went on my way because I didn't want to let any of my clients down by quitting, and I wanted to finish what I started with school even if it meant four more years. Then I got pregnant with baby number 4 and my husband and I went back and forth on me quitting, but i still didn't want to let anyone down so I worked and worked and worked. I was 4 weeks from my due date and still working, I worked until I couldn't work any more. It was at this time that I told my husband his dream would become a reality and I would not be returning to work and would be home with the kids. He was thrilled!! And thats exactly what I did, however I was still longing to do something. I'm a worker at heart, I thrive on serving others and making a difference. Some how someway I knew this needed to be done but from home. So I thought and I thought. Then IOD came to me, becoming stockist had been a dream of mine for almost 2 years. I've had the blessing of watching the company grow and change. I used their products for projects in my own home and couldn't believe how amazing they were. I was once again blown away when I found out that all molds and stamps were safe to use to transform food, cookies, and cakes. Not only food but pillow cases, curtains,  walls, floors, mirrors, chalk boards, windows, metal, wood, plastic, and get this a paper plate!! The products were easy to use yet left a huge impression. The quality was excellent. Packaging impressive. User friendly. Affordable. With a classy, farm stlye, chic, yet vintage feel to every creation. I was sold. I watched closely from a distance for 2 years wondering, wishing, waiting for my shot. But life seemed to busy to dare try to add anything else. Fast forward a little to now, as I'm sure many can relate we could use the income of 2 people working rather than just my husband but I could imagine going back to work. So I approached my husband with becoming a stockist. Luckily it didn't take much convincing, because he not only believed in me he believed in the product. IOD sells it's self it truly does. Anyone who's ever been around it craves more. It's truly amazing and so universal!! I have a passion for being creative and with IOD I can do just that. The stamps they create can be used in countless ways and combinations for countless things. The molds can transform anything from your outdated coffee table to Christmas cookies. And don't get me started on the transfers!!! I've never in my life seen furniture as beautiful as a piece with a transfer on it. They just come alive it's insane!! So I did it, I applied to not only become a stockist but to change my future. I can't tell you how blessed the process was. God truly had His hand in every detail. Thank God it's His will and not mine. And of course being the over achiever I am I wanted to carry products that complement IOD but don't compete. IOD already has a paper clay that works amazing with their product (molds) so that left the paint industry to be explored. After much research and deliberation I'm thrilled to say I'm going to be exclusively retailing for a company and pending the contract being signed early next week it will be official. I'm going to wait to disclose said company until such time (I'm sure you understand). So here we are on this amazing blessed journey together as a family  the best part is my children get to be apart of this business everyday!! They get to help demonstrate how fun and easy to use the products are from the comfort of our home. I don't have to spend another day away from them if I don't want to. I get to be the mom God has called me to be while making a difference. That difference just looks different now. It looks like helping ordinary people like me find confidence in their creative abilities. It looks like showing someone they can do what they thought they couldn't. It looks like showing other moms you don't have to give up your dreams or your kids you can have both!!! And different is ok with me. And I get to make a little money doing something I love!! So stay turned for how to videos and silly tutorials. We can't wait to share this journey with you. We aren't just a business we are a FAMILY business.

In His love,

Sarah Aguilar 

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